Bio- hazardous Material Cleanup and Removal

 There are  two elements associated with cleaning blood, bodily fluids, and other biological material. The first phase is collecting any excess blood as well as biological materials and appropriately disposing of bio-hazard waste.

The next phase involves utilizing a chemical agent to eliminate any potential pathogens that might be contained in blood, bodily fluids, or biological materials. This can be done utilizing a number of different types of chemical agents.

How do you choose which a chemical to use? Well, you shouldn’t have to.

Whether it’s a bio-hazard in a healthcare facility, or from a car accident, bio-hazards pose a risk of contamination, illness, and injury. And you want it handled professionally. Top2Bottom Janitorial, provides bio-hazard remediation, servicing roadways, transportation vehicles, construction sites, commercial buildings and healthcare facilities. We operate in accordance with OSHA requirements and are equipped to manage remove bio-hazards.

Medical Facilities


Construction Sites

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